Training modules for personal licence applicants.

E1L - legal and ethical considerations

PILA - principles of animal husbandry care and use for each species

PILK - humane methods of killing

PILB - introduction to anaesthesia

PILC - recovery anaesthesia and principles of surgery

The notes for candidates provide information on the learning outcomes for training, and both practical and written assessments. You are strongly advised to read these thoroughly before undertaking the assessments. 

Notes for candidates

Species add on module for ferrets. 

This course covers the species specific elements of PILA training for rats. It is intended to be taken as part of a full Red Kite E1LPILABK course or as an add on module for existing licence holders.   

An introduction to the biology and use of avian eggs in research

An introduction to the biology and husbandry of domestic poultry, aimed at those applying for personal licences to work with poultry.  

Introduction to ethics

Introduction to the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986

Introduction to other relevant legislation

Introduction to the principles of the care and use of laboratory animals. This course includes basics of animal husbandry, minor procedures, health monitoring and disease, and pain and stress recognition.

Introduction to euthanasia of laboratory animals, including legal and regulatory requirements.

Introduction to the principles of anaesthesia for those applying for category B personal licences for brief procedures under anaesthesia